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Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social networking service owned by Facebook, Inc. Every day people come to Instagram to be inspired and discover new things they care about. Businesses, brands and individuals have used the platform to show their services and products to customers and Instagram as continually provided ways these people can reach their audiences.

Instagram Explore Ads: Instagram Explore page is one of the most viewed channels on the Instagram app, People visit the page to see what is trending and catch up on things that are tailored to what they have interests in.

For a long time, businesses have looked for ways to appear on the Explore page of Instagram but not to worry anymore. Instagram just recently launched Instagram Explore Ads.

It allows people to run ads on the Explore page and the goal is to bring people closer to the things that matter to them.


Have you tried running your Ads on the Instagram Explore page? Let us know.

Also, what other offerings from Instagram do you enjoy?

Have you tried booking for advert channels on our platform What challenges are you facing? Let us know.

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